Watch: The Yves Saint Laurent Film

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the greatest names in fashion. Like Coco Chanel he made an ever lasting impact on fashion. Known for his sleek, modern and iconic designs, just think of the Mondrian dress and the tuxedo jackets for women, his legacy continues to live. It’s no wonder that this year two films are scheduled to be released. Both are French biography films and named Yves
Saint Laurent and Saint Laurent.

The film Yves Saint Laurent is a French drama film based on Saint Laurent’s life in 1958 and stars Pierre Niney as Yves Saint Laurent. While the film Saint Laurent (not to be confused with the film Yves Saint Laurent) is scheduled to be released in October of this year (which focuses on the period 1965 to 1976), the film Yves Saint Laurent will hit cinemas this March or April depending on where you live (it has already been released in France).

Salient detail is that the first film, Yves Saint Laurent, has been endorsed by Pierre Bergé (Yves Saint Laurent’s former life and business). Bergé declined to co-operate with director Bertrand Bonello of the movie Saint Laurent.

As a teaser of what you can expect of the film Yves Saint Laurent see the trailer and a clip of the film. This film will definitely go on my must see fashion film list. Will it go on yours too?

Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress (YSL)


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