What’s In The Bag Of Jenna Lyons

What does a bag say about a person? A lot more than people might think. Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew, travels light and is not a packer unlike some other people who carry their life in their bag like me. Although Jenna Lyons is not a pink freak (her own words) you definitely would think so when you watch Vogue’s what’s in the bag of Jenna Lyons.

Her daily essentials consists of a Pikachu, vitamins, cream for dewy skin and other beauty products, keys and more. Next to showing us what’s in her bag, Jenna Lyons also answers 11 questions from leather or embellished, notebook or iPad to always early or running late and more.

So sit back relax and watch What’s in the bag of Jenna Lyons above.


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