Wondered ‘What Life Is Like As Anna Wintour’s Daughter’? Watch the video.

In ‘What Life Is Like As Anna Wintour’s DaughterBee Shaffer, Anna Wintour‘s daughter, reveals a couple of things about her famous mom which you might not know, such as:

1. Anna Wintour likes to go to bed early. Like, she goes to bed at 10pm and wakes up at 5am. Talking about a morning person.

2. Bee Shaffer has been raised to be punctual which doesn’t come as a big surprise.

3. Green juice? Not for Anna Wintour. She gives Bee a lot of crap about drinking it.

4. Anna Wintour is the most generous person that you will ever meet. She puts everyone before herself.

5. Efficient? Bored easily? Wants things to get done? It’s Anna Wintour.

Want to see it for yourself? Watch the video.


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