Watch: The Trailer Of Alexa Chung’s Secrets Of The Fashion Industry

This one is for all fashion lovers. Alexa Chung‘s first series with Vogue, Secrets of the fashion industry, aims to answer all your fashion questions from how to get a job, education and more.

In these series Alexa Chung will be talking to designers, a fashion psychologist, fashion commentators and students to name a few. As Alexa Chung says ‘I wanted to make a film about fashion that was as transparent as possible that helped people to see the industry as I do but I wanted to learn more about it myself‘.

The series (six parts) will premier on 15 September 2015 on Vogue’s Youtube channel. For now watch the trailer for a sneak peek of who Alexa Chung went to talk to for the ‘Secrets of the fashion industry’ and save the date for the start of the series on 15 September 2015.


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