Watch Out For The Olivia Burton Sample Sale

This week for 1 day only, Olivia Burton are holding their first sample sale at Protein Studios in Shoreditch.

Their watches are loved by many, as their designs are on trend, but with classic and beautiful design touches such as bees and rose gold detailing. I have one myself which I wear daily, and it took me ages to decide which one to get as they have a vast amount of styles to choose from!

So when I saw that there was a Olivia Burton sample sale it was hard to resist. Who doesn’t need an extra watch?! You have to book online for a 30 minute slot, but I found that it was pretty relaxed and if it wasn’t overcrowded (which it wasnt) then they would let you in without booking ahead.
Being watches, it wasn’t a huge room, but my goodness they certainly managed to fit in a massive range of styles!

Samples were £15 each, which is a bargain and many were perusing the boxes and picking up more than a handful. I heard plenty of people saying they were buying them for family and friends, which was a great idea as they usually retail around £70-£225.

Upon looking, there were at least 70 different styles of sample watches avaialble. There were leather straps, metal straps, the iconic bee styles, as well as floral and marble styles in small, midi or large watch face sizes. All were sealed in a opaque watch-sized bubble wrap packaging, which made it a little hard to see what style and colour it was but there’s plenty of light and you can pull out the watch slightly to see.
I asked the staff if it had a battery in, and they confirmed that all samples did, and that they had a protective cover on the front and back of the watch face for extra security. None of the sample watches were provided with a box, but there were rows of watches behind the sample area which had boxes. These ranged from £39-£81, and had many of the popular Olivia Burton styles that you see on the high street.

There was also a range of their jewellery in boxes with up to 50% off, which made sweet gifts and were starting at £28 for a ring.

As for myself, I picked up 2 watches which I’m thrilled with. Now I can mix and match my watch to my outfits! If you’re in the area, or even if you’re not, pop in to bag yourself some arm candy bargains.

Joanne Chu

Olivia Burton 30 April

UPDATE: 1 May – the Olivia Burton sample sale has been extended with one more day! Prices are now even better as boxed watches are now all £35 and all jewellery is now £15!

On 30 April 2018 (8am-7:30pm) and 1 May 2018 at Protein Studio 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY



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