The Chanel Legend exhibition

Coco Chanel, 1935

A legend she is. I’m talking about Coco Chanel of course. Born as Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel (1883-1971), she not only changed fashion forever, she’s still influencing it. Her designs are classics and timeless. Who would have thought that almost 100 years later people are still wearing her iconic scent Chanel No.5. Or what about the little black dress she invented or the 2.55 Chanel bag (created in February 1955)? The Chanel jacket is another one of her designs that keeps living on.

The exhibition “The Chanel Legend” at the Gemeentemuseum The Hague (the Netherlands) shows original Chanel designs of the 1920s and ’30s. Clothing worn by stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Romy Schneider and accessories can also be found. For a bit of bling bling, you’ll find fabulous Chanel costume jewellery borrowed from private collections.

Karl Lagerfeld, who since 1983 designs in the spirit of Coco Chanel, has been able to bring Chanel into the 21st century. An exhibition on Chanel wouldn’t be complete without highlighting his role.

Chanel has not only influenced us she has also inspired other designers. Therefore, The Chanel Legend shows also designs from Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake, Hussein Chalayan and other designers who were inspired by Chanel.

If you’re a Chanel fan or just love fashion in general don’t miss this “The Chanel Legend” exhibition.

The Chanel Legend – An Exhibition By The Draiflessen Collection runs from 12 October 2013 to 2 February 2013.

Gemeentemuseum The Hague
Stadhouderslaan 41
2517 HV The Hague, the Netherlands


Top image: Coco Chanel, 1935. © Man Ray Trust / ADAGP, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2013

Chanel No5Chanel No5, Flacon Ernest Beaux (perfume), Gabrielle Chanel (bottle), 1921.

Coco Chanel, French couturier. Paris, 1937. LIP-69

Coco Chanel, 1937, Photography: Boris Lipnitzki, Copyright  Pictoright

Broche Robert Goossens for Maison Chanel Paris

Broche, Robert Goossens for Maison Chanel Paris, years ‘50/years ‘60, Photography: Christin Losta, Privat collection Brussels, Belgium, Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, Copyright Pictoright

Ensemble Chanel Karl Lagerfeld

Ensemble (jacket and jumpsuit), Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Spring/Summer 1991, Photography: Christin Losta, Collection Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, Copyright Pictoright


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