Style today: the little white dress

Style Barista white dress Burberry dress Burberry white dress Ports 1961 belt Cole Haan sandals Nike Air

When mercury rises, the LWD (little white dress) is perfect for that summery feel. It’s as versatile as the LBD (little black dress) but slightly underrated I would say. Whether that is because it’s not spill proof like its darker counter part (for some reason I always have to share my food with what I’m wearing and white is so not the colour for it) or because one only wears a LWD at holidays I don’t know. I do know that the LWD is a basic staple in my wardrobe. You?

dress: Burberry | shoes: Cole Haan | belt: Ports 1961

Style Barista white dress Burberry white dress Cole Haan sandals Ports 1961 belt


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