Style Today: Hello Red Shoes

Style Barista Style Today Victoria J Brand 912 pencil leg jeans Jil Sander python belt Fendi 2Jours snakeskin mixed media tote bag red shoes Caroline Biss Zara sweater

“Beautiful, but how many shoes do you need?” “Uhmm there’s always room for more…and besides these were on sale and such a steal…and it’s not like I have a lot of red shoes…” Sounds familiar?

Although I do have a lot of shoes, I’m really happy with my latest addition (not counting the Reiss shoes I got yesterday…). The pop of red gives my outfit that little extra. The basic jeans and knit combo outfit that I’m sporting looks that little bit more interesting. And let’s not forget red is eye-catching and the cost-per-wear of these red shoes have already gone downhill.

Still not convinced about red shoes? Check out this London Street Style look.

Jeans: J Brand | shoes: Caroline Biss (for an edit of red shoes click here) | knit: Zara | bag: Fendi 2Jours


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