Style Today: Dipping My Toe Into The Sweatpants Trend

Style Barista Joseph molton sweat pants Reiss Jade shoes Acne Jacket how to wear the sporty trend

Have you ever bought something and your mom would say “are you going to wear that outside the house???”. Well that happened to me recently when I sported my new sweatpants or as some call them jogging/jogger/track pants. Okay I hadn’t glammed them up yet, wearing them with just my tee and my old comfy shoes.

But let me tell you or should I say “mom”, sweatpants can easily be worn beyond the gym or the house. Simply throw on a pair of heels and a jacket and you have the perfect combination of comfortable and fashionable. Well at least that’s what I think…(in case you’re wondering my mom is still not convinced…). Thoughts?

Oh do take a peek at the Vine video below for that “transformation”.

trousers: Joseph Jog Quilted Molleton Cotton Pant with Leather | shoes: Reiss Jade | jacket: Acne

Style Barista Reiss Jade shoes


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