Stock Up On Shoes At The Sophia Webster Sample Sale

A rainy monday morning was cheered up by the Sophia Webster sample sale which opened today (Monday 30th April) at Protein Studios in Shoreditch. Her whimsical, playful designs in kaleidoscopic colours attract a lot of shoe lovers during her sample sales. You have to sign up online for a slot for the Sophia Webster sample sale and as of this morning, there was still a 6pm slot available for today. Having a slot means no crazy queuing, and shopping in peace during your hour slot. Upon entering you have to check in coats and bags with a voluntary donation of £1 to Marie Curie. Once in though, a treasure trove of shoes were yours to explore!

As soon as you enter, you see a good portion of the Sophia Webster sample sale dedicated to samples, which are shoes which had been worn during shoots and promo events. Most were very lightly worn, and prices were £50 for sample flats, or £80 for heels.

The sizes of the sample were mostly 39 or 40, and luckily for me being a 39 I bagged an almost new, black suede flats with chevron detail for £50. There were flats, sandals, mid heels, sky scraper heels and boots available in all sorts of colourways and styles in the sample area. I also saw a few pairs of bridal shoes should you be getting married, in off cream satin with crystal bows at the back.

The main area of the sale was well arranged in size order (from UK size 3 to UK size 7) and presented in a easy to shop format. No discarded or mismatched shoes here, it was civilised and relaxed. Typically Sophia Webster retails around £250 for flats, up to £2000 for a special edition crystal embellished pair of heels. The sale prices here were £60 for flats, heels were £160 and knee high and over the knee styles were £250.

There were plenty of styles for each size. I was on the lookout for the iconic Bibi flats or Chiara heels, but sadly they didn’t have them in this Sophia Webster sample sale. There were however bright colours, pastels, pom poms, tassels, flowers, glitter, jewels and satin in wedges, mid heels, skyscraper heels, sneakers, flats, sandals, ankle boots and knee high boots. Some styles were more adventurous than others, but lots of women were perusing and trying on with plenty of space.

Sophia Webster also has a line for girls, and there were a few styles of trainers and sandals in fun colourful designs for £30 each.

Throughout the room there were several mirrors dotted around to try on shoes properly, and lots of staff to help and keep it tidy. A limit of 6 pairs of shoes per person was also in place, which helps avoid the crazy stockpiling you see during some sales. Paying for your goods was a breeze too, with 4 tills available, although they only took card.

Overall, it was a well presented sample sale with a huge range of styles. I’m thrilled with my purchase, and can’t wait to wear them!

For price list and a peek inside the Sophia Webster sample see the below photos.

Joanne Chu

On 30 April (9am-7:30pm) and 1 May 2018 (8am-7:30pm) at Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EY.

To register click here.





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