Steal Of The Day – The Party Outfit

steal of the day Reiss Freestyle Strappy Sndals Hobbs Ashton Beaded Dress (1)

Need to RSVP, but don’t have your party dress yet? No worries! Here’s the Steal Of The Day featuring a Hobbs dress for a bargain. This dress takes you through wedding/party season and beyond and leaves you with plenty of money to spend on other items like the Reiss shoes and bag. So you’re all ready to party the night away.

1. Reiss Freestyle Strappy Sandals £65/€97/$122 (was £130/€195/$245).

2. Hobbs Ashton Beaded Dress £49/$125 (was £179/$375).

3. Reiss Lola Suede Purse Pewter £50/€80/$96 (was £75/€120/$145).


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