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steal of the day Helmut Lang Skinny Jeans Hobbs Rosie Shoe Jaeger Wool Folded Collar Short Coat Hobbs Blyton Jacket Kenzo K Stripe Sweater

If you love to bargain shop, then you’ll love the Steal Of The Day. Featuring Kenzo, Helmut Lang, Jaeger and Hobbs, all items of the Steal Of The Day are steeply reduced to £85 and less!

By the way, aren’t the above Hobbs shoes a great alternative to the very pricey Chanel two-tone shoes?

1. Helmut Lang Skinny Jeans £57/€68.40/$91.20 (was £190/€228/$304).

2. Hobbs Rosie Shoe £59/$115 (was £119/$250).

3. Jaeger Wool Folded Collar Short Coat £85 (was £299).

4. Hobbs Blyton Jacket £53/$100 (was £179/$375).

5. Kenzo K Stripe Sweater £75/€95.17/$86.71 (was £250/€317.25/$289.02).


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