Splurge Versus Save – Chanel Versus Forever 21


Craving for a Chanel bag? Is the Chanel Flap Bag and/or Boy Chanel Flap Bag on your wish list, but is your bag fund almost empty? Then take a look a these high street alternatives for a fraction of the price.

True, they are not the real deal, but they might do until you’ve saved enough to add a Chanel bag to your collection or maybe even find one under the Christmas tree…(lucky you!). And the price? Drum ruffle…the Boy Chanel Bag alternative costs £17/€19.50/$22.90 and the Chanel Flap Bag high street version  £21/€23.50/$27.90.

Love it? Snap it up! Because, based on past experiences, whenever Forever 21 does a famous high street alternative version, it will be sold out before you can blink your eye…


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