Sold: Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur/Youth Defense Cream

Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur Qiriness Youth Defense Cream

As someone who tends to change creams a lot, as I always like to try new ones, I got quite excited to be invited to a Qiriness press event a while ago. Qiriness is one of those brands which the French like to keep to themselves.

With four different lines ranging from cleansing (Initiation), daily cares (the Essentials), facial spa cares (the Rituals) and body cares (Qocoon) Qiriness offers something for everyone. The Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur (Youth Defense Cream) is part of the the Essentials range and has become one of my favourites.

Who can use it? According to Qiriness this cream can be used by all skin types in particular skin with first signs of aging, slack skin lacking in firmness, revitalised and dry skin. Hmm does this sound familiar???

Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur Qiriness Youth Defense Cream

This anti-aging day and night cream comes in a beautiful and luxurious jar and has a very pleasant, but not too strong, scent (do I detect a hint of roses?). It goes on very smoothly and is quickly absorbed. And unlike some other creams I have used, the Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur doesn’t leave my skin shiny and really hydrates it.

Bonus, even Mr. Style Barista commented about how silky smooth my skin feels. Another bonus is that this cream, like all other Qiriness products, is paraben-free and hypoallergenic and it looks like I have less fine lines.

Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur Qiriness Youth Defense Cream..

It’s quite an expensive cream but as the cream goes a long way and doubles as a night and day cream I would say it is definitely worth the investment. In summer/spring I would use a sunscreen, as it doesn’t contain a SPF.

The Qiriness Caresse Temps Futur costs €60,94.


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