Save the date for the launch of the Peter Pilotto for Target collection

Peter Pilotto for Target.

Save the date for the Peter Pilotto for Target Collection. On 9 February 2014 the collection will finally become available and we mere mortals will have a chance to lay our hands on Peter Pilotto’s covetable designs.

You might be thinking Target? Do I do need to book a trip to the States or call my US friends/family/acquaintances? Nothing beats a quick NY shopping trip, but you can also save your travel money and spend it on the Net-A-Porter website. Net-A-Porter will be offering an assortment of the limited-edition condition. Unfortunately, they won’t be selling the entire Peter Pilotto for Target Collection which is a real shame as there are some real fab items for grabs but they are a Target exclusive.

A selection of the Peter Pilotto for Target collection are featured here including the ones which will only be available at Target. But hey a girl can always dream. Would you like to see more click here.

1. Belted Dress in Green Floral Print, $49.99 (Target only)

2. Sweatshirt in Light Blue Floral/Check Print, $29.99. Pant in Black/Check Print, $34.99. Slip-On Shoe in Black/White Print, $29.99.

3. Jacquard Dress in Red Iris Print, $79.99

4. Tee in Green Netting Print, $19.99. Beach Towel in Green Netting Print, $24.99. Bikini Bottom in Green Netting Print Print, $14.99. Slip-On Shoe in Black/White Print, $29.99.

5. Rash Guard in Black/Green Floral Stripe Print, $29.99 (Target only). Pencil Skirt in Green Floral Stripe Print, $34.99 ( exclusive). Pouches in Clear/Green Floral Print, $22.99 (Target only).


Peter Pilotto for Target collection.

1. Blazer in Blue/Black/White Colorblock, $49.99 (Target only).

2. Rash Guard in Black/White Print, $29.99.

3. Moto Jacket in Blue Netting Print, $59.99.

4. As the Cardigan in Blue/White/Black Colorblock, $34.99 a Target only item is, I assume this colorblock combination isn’t.

5. Skirt in Black/White Print, $34.99.

6. Sweatshirt in Red Floral/Check Print, $29.99 ( exclusive).

7. Skirt in Light Blue Floral/Check Print, $34.99 (Target only).

8. Price unknown at the moment.

(credit images: Target)


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