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If there’s one thing you should stock up when the sun is out it is sunscreen. And with stocking up I also mean frequently (re)applying it. We all know the benefits of sunshine, but you should also protect yourself against too much sun exposure.

Even if you have slathered up with sunscreen try to avoid intensive midday sun and try to wear a hat and sunglasses if possible. Yes, I know your hair will look not on its best when you take off the hat…but hey everything in the name of anti-ageing (and of course avoiding skin cancer).

Talking about sunscreens there are so many brands to choose from. Sunscreens with mineral filters, sunscreen with chemical filters and with a combination of both. There are expensive and less expensive versions and there are also sunscreens who boost a natural tan like the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze range.

With a pro-melanin complex to help boost a natural tan, the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze range is aimed on keeping your tan as long as possible.

The Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Face Cream SPF30 and Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze SPF30 High are all light weight fluids and sink quickly into the skin without leaving a white mark. And yes, they all have that typical Nivea sunscreen smell which (for me) brings back memories to those care-free summer holidays as a kid.

If you prefer a spray, you can choose from SPF10 to SPF30 and there is also an oil version (SPF20 an SPF30).  The Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Spray SPF10 is a sheer white fluid which is also absorbed quickly by the skin. Like with every spray, make sure to spray the sunscreen on your hands (and try not to inhale it) and rub it in. Never spray it into your face and also make sure you apply enough.

Because your skin can feel quite dry after a day in the sun it’s all about moisturising  especially if you want to keep your tan. Hence, the Nivea After Sun Bronze Tan Prolonging Lotion. Like with the sunscreens this Nivea after sun contains a natural pro-melanin plant extract all to promote a long-lasting tan.

Before I forget not only does this sunscreen range offer protection against the harmful sun rays, your skin also gets a nice sheen without being sticky. And with every sunscreen make sure to reapply every two hours and even if a sunscreen is waterproof slather on the sunscreen if you come out of the water.

And the price? The Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze range starts at £5/€10.49


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