The miracle worker Magnetic Lash mascara

Magnetic Mascara from Santhilea

Amazing long and voluminous eyelashes? Check. No serum or false lashes? Check. Easy to apply? Check. A mascara every girl should own? Check, check and double check. I’m talking about the Magnetic Lash mascara from Santhilea.

After seeing the very hilarious youtube video of Olivia Inge of Cult Beauty reviewing the Magnetic Lash mascara I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this mascara as I wanted to see myself whether this mascara is the miracle worker everybody is raving about. And I have to say it is!

Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with long eyelashes as for some reason only the men in my family have them….grumble, grumble. And so I don’t leave the house without a coat of mascara. I’m always on the quest of finding a mascara which gives me the long and voluminous eyelashes I’m lusting for and I think I have found it thanks to Cult Beauty who generously gifted me one.

How does the Magnetic Lash mascara work? You get a Magnetic Mascara #1 and a Lash Builder #2. The Magnetic Mascara works like every regular mascara. You apply a normal coat to your lashes. The Magnetic Mascara fans out the lash and already gives it volume and lots of length. By the way, you can easily wear the Magnetic Mascara on its own without applying the Lash Builder.

While the mascara is still wet, use the Lash Builder which lays down tiny fibres. The fibres stick to your lashes enhancing their length and volume. Wait for it to dry, then reapply the Magnetic Mascara to seal everything.

Repeat the whole procedure until you’re satisfied with the length and volume of your eyelashes. I only do it once as it already gives me the longest and dramatic lashes I ever had, see the below Vine video. Isn’t the result amazing? And I didn’t even use an eyelash curler. Oh don’t worry about any fall down of the fibres, if you follow the procedure you shouldn’t have any problems.

Removing the mascara is very simple. No special eye makeup remover needed.

The Magnetic Lash mascara is a high end product, it costs £24.98, but it’s so worth it. No falsies or serum needed to get lust worthy long lashes. Bonus, this mascara is perfect for the party season. But if you’re like me you get hooked to it and you will be wearing it everyday…..

Snap up the Magnetic Lash at Cult Beauty, click here.

Magnetic Mascara from Santhilea.



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