Kanebo Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour

Dare to go bare? No lipstick gal? According to a recent study by scientists at the University of Manchester, men only stare for 2.2. seconds on women who wear no lipstick instead of 6.7 seconds on those with pink lips. Not to mention those who wear red lipstick, they draw men’s attention for 7.3 seconds (read about it here).

Obviously, I had to succumb to wearing lipstick. Although red lipstick may be the sexiest colour and a confidence booster, I tried the Kanebo Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour IL 115 Iwatsutsuji. The IL 115 is one of the 15 colours of the Kanebo Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour collection and contains Koishimaru Silk Extract.

The IL 115 is a somewhat deeper blue-pink, raspberry shade. You might expect the lipstick to be dry because it’s a long lasting colour, but the lipstick goes on very smoothly and creamy. Even after a bbq laden with all kind of food which required a lot of nibbling, the colour stayed on (of course with less of the shimmer). The lipstick wears wonderfully without any sign of bleeding or streaking.

The packaging is simple but elegant. The cap closes well (which is always important). The  Kanebo Sensai range falls at the higher end of the price range as the lipstick costs €30,95/£25, but if you’re looking for long lasting lipstick go swatch it.


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