J.Crew on Film: Collection

Counting down for the opening of the J.Crew Regent Street flagship store on 8 November? Make sure you’ve prepared your wish list. With the prospect of snapping up a piece of the J.Crew collection looming make sure you watch the “J.Crew on Film: Collection”.

My favourite quote of the film is of Jenna Lyons: “What’s modern today is people having their own style. It’s not about age. It’s not about where you grew up. It’s not about what you do in the weekends. It’s, you know, it’s just wanting to do your own thing”. Isn’t that what fashion should be about, doing your own thing? Dress the way you like? What do you think?

PS. In case you missed the J.Crew on Film: “Something Totally Crazy” regarding the creation of the storefront of the J.Crew Regent Street flagship store, watch it below.


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