Is The Chanel Shopping Basket The New Chanel-It Bag?

Chanel shopping basket Style Barista Anna Dello Russo

Is this the new Chanel-It bag? A shopping basket which got a Chanel makeover? For a whopping £7,190/€9.181/$12,500 this Chanel shopping basket can be yours. Looking for a ‘supermarket deal’? The smallest version can dangle on your arm for £4,245/€5.420 which would just fit a milk bottle. Obviously once you have added the Chanel shopping basket to your bag collection you need to fill it with, of course, Chanel goodies like a bag and wallet.

The Chanel shopping basket popped up first at the Chanel supermarket show (AW14/15) and now it’s available in stores. And it has already been spotted on the streets. Anna Dello Russo, for example, carried the Chanel shopping basket with two Chanel bags at Paris Fashion Week. Question remains will it be as popular as the Chanel Lego bag and the Chanel No.5 bottle bag? And would you shell out £7,190/€9.181/$12,500 for the basket or rather spend it on a small car, new furniture, a year worth supermarket shopping or so?

Chanel shopping basket Anna Dello Russo Giovanna Battaglia Paris Fashion Week Style Barista

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  1. Maggie October 9, 2014 Reply

    I love this concept of having a shopping basket, its so fun and reminds me of when you are a little kid and carry round the plastic yellow ones for fun. However I feel like this is just a phase that everyone will move on from quickly, and this basket wont stay around for long.

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