Beauty Tip #2 – Refresh Your Tired Eyes!

Xavia MUA beauty

We all know the feeling – hectic lifestyles and late nights can lead to a lack in sleep with often your eyes telling the tale. Read on for my quick and simple tip to how to refresh your tired eyes and help wake up your eyes (even if your body thinks otherwise)!

What do you need?
– Blue Eye Pencil

How to use:
Gently line the inside of your upper lash line with the blue pencil. The blue adds definition and the colour contrasts against the whites of your eyes making them look brighter – in short a quick way to add radiance to your tired eyes!

Xavia x

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Xavia studied a degree in Fashion with a specialism in Make Up at London College of Fashion before starting her freelance career 5 years ago. Since graduating she currently works as the Make Up Artist at MUA Cosmetics and has worked on numerous music videos and publications internationally including Issey Miyake, Rough Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, Neon Jungle, Ghetts & IV Rox.

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