How To Make Clever Use Of A Tiny Apartment

Say you’re so fed up with sharing apartments, but you can only afford one the size of a shoe box, like something of just 8 square meters.

What would you do? Would you (i) move back in with your parents, (ii) start the hunt for a boyfriend with a huge apartment apartment or (iii) will you just buy earplugs and use the toilets (and preferably the shower) somewhere else (and yes I did that….)?

Well here’s a fourth option, go for the shoe box. With clever storage and a good layout you can have a self contained apartment. Goodbye dirty shower, kitchen, toilet, noisy roommates, people knicking your stuff from the fridge, well you get the picture.

I know it’s hard to believe that it’s possible to have a self contained apartment when you only have 8 square meters to work with, but just watch this video Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only). See? This is the perfect solution to get your own space until you’ve found that boyfriend with a huge apartment…


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