Here’s What It Takes To Make The Iconic Chanel Jacket

Always wondered what it takes to make the iconic Chanel jacket? In Chapter 13 of Inside Chanel we get a sneak peek inside the craftsmanship behind the Chanel Haute Couture jacket.

Spoiler alert: the conic Chanel jacket is made of ‘one touch of Mademoiselle’s spirit, one stroke of Karl Lagerfeld’s genius and 130 hours of craftsmanship under the watchful eye of Madame Jacqueline, head seamstress’. A must-see for any fashion lover.

Watch: ‘Haute Couture – Inside Chanel’ above.


  1. Marie February 12, 2016 Reply

    What a wonderful nail polish colour on the photo leading to this video. Any way to find out the name of the brand/colour? Many thanks for the great blog!

    • Author
      Victoria February 14, 2016 Reply

      Hi Marie, thanks for leaving a comment and visiting Style Barista. I tried to find out the name of the nail polish, but unfortunately I had no success. Originally Caroline de Maigret posted the photo on her Instagram account (Chanel regrammed it on its account). But there was no mention of the nail polish although people loved it. Sorry. x

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