Here’s How To Cover Dark Circles And Other Skin Problems

how to cover dark circles

Dark circles, dull skin, rosacea and/or breakouts, at some moment in time we can all suffer from one or more of these skin problems. An easy way to tackle these problems is by using coloured concealers.

1. How to cover dark circles

Suffering from dark circles? A great way to cover them up is by using orange or red concealer. This might sound completely wrong, but orange and red cancel out the blue tones. Get out the orange concealer when you have a fair complexion and when you are darker swap the orange concealer for a red concealer.

Got your colour concealer? Apply it on top of those dark circles. Then blend it into your skin and follow up with foundation or neutral concealer.

2. How to fix dull skin

Another way to use a colour concealer is to brighten up dull skin. When you have dull skin stock up on a pink or purple concealer depending on your skin tone. If you have a darker complexion go for a purple concealer and when you have a fair complexion buy a pink concealer. Use the concealer also for highlighting your nose, forehead and cupid’s bow.

3. How to banish rosacea or breakouts

Rosacea or breakouts can easily be covered with a green or yellow concealer. To neutralise red tones green concealer or primer is perfect. Cover those areas with the green concealer and buff it up followed by foundation.

When the area around your nose is red, a yellow concealer would work perfect. Got a darker skin ton? Go for a yellow concealer instead of a green one.

Need more info? Watch the below video how to cover dark circles and more.

(credit cover photo: Instagram Byrdie Beauty).


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