Guilty shopping pleasures and Balenciaga

“But it’s on sale….” “It’s such a great deal” Yes, that’s how my mind works and yes my mind is weak, especially when the shopping devil rears its ugly head. And yes, I should be able to restrain myself, but if you have a look at my wardrobe you just know that’s not the case….

Although my shoes are piling up, I somehow always find an excuse to get some more like when I bought the Azzedine Alaia gladiator sandals the other day. I should be buying for the life I have and not for the one I want (the one where I live next to the beach in a place where summer lasts more than one week, so I can finally wear all my summer shoes…….and not to mention my summer clothes).

And that’s the excuse I came up with when I spotted these fabulous Balenciaga boots (yes, they were on sale…). I’m buying for the life I have. I’m investing in boots as the cost-per-wear will hit the floor. Uhuh……




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