Gatsby glam at the Bannou press launch

Earlier this week I had a Great Gatsby experience when I went to the Bannou press launch. It was like going back to the roaring twenties with beautiful women wearing amazing dresses. Not to mention the venue. From the outside you would have never guessed that behind the doors lies a former tobacco factory which has been transformed into a beautiful and elegant place. I had the feeling I was thrown back in time.

As I was a bit late (turned up at the wrong venue…) I missed the start of a lovely breakfast, but luckily I was just on time for an introduction to the Bannou brand by founder Faranak Mirjalili.

As Faranak is the co-founder of I Love Vintage, it comes as no surprise that the Bannou collection is based on vintage pieces from different eras like dresses from the roaring twenties or from the fifties. What I personally really liked is that each piece of the collection has a so-called eco-friendly pyramid tag. The tag shows how sustainable the fabric is. If the fabric falls in the top of the pyramid it’s more sustainable than if it’s in the bottom. You can therefore choose how sustainable your dress is going to be.

Talking about dresses, several people at the press launch were dressed in Bannou’s current collection. I had my eye on the dress founder Faranak was wearing and a slinky coral/red dress show piece. Louise Ebel from the blog Pandora who stars in the Bannou ads and video was wearing a beautiful number which could come straight from The Great Gatsby movie. Given the fact that Louise is known for her beautiful vintage dresses it’s no wonder that she’s the face of Bannou.

If you’re a fan of elegant dresses and love a brand which tries to be sustainable you’re going to like the Bannou collection.

The collection is available to purchase at the I Love Vintage store and on its website.


The lovely Louise Ebel.

Fabulous Bannou dresses (Faranak second from the right, Louise Ebel in the middle, second from the left Georgina Verbaan and left Aisha).

Don’t you love the way how they decorated the venue?

Georgina Verbaan in one of Bannou’s beautiful dresses.

How pretty is this vintage bag?


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