Gamila Secret Lavender Heaven

Gamila Secret Lavender Heaven

Lavender Heaven? It sure smells like it when you use the Gamila Secret Lavender Heaven soap bar. Before you start to think ‘soap?’ I have to tell you that Gamila Secret is the winner of the Elle beauty awards 2013 Japan and that its cleansing bars are used all over the world.

Why is it such a success? The Gamila Secret soaps are suitable for every skin type even the sensitive one and come in several varieties from roses to lavender and more. People with skin problems can use this product as well and it may help to battle those problems as it should make your skin healthier and suppler.

The Gamila Secret Lavender Heaven I have is suitable for the normal to dry skin, other variants are aimed for irritated, oily and combined skin. People suffering from eczema psoriasis and other skin problems may benefit from this Lavender Heaven soap bar.

It isn’t called lavender heaven for nothing. It smells, I have to say like those lavender fields in the South of France. Because lavender is such a relaxing scent (and I definitely need that) it has become my bathroom staple. Even if you wouldn’t want to use it as a soap you can tuck it into your closet or just place it in your room for a natural room fragrance.

So what’s it made of? All ten varieties of the Camila Secret cleansing bars are made of 100% natural ingredients of which more than 80% off pure virgin olive oil. No artificial perfumes, colouring or preservatives are added and everything is handmade.

Style Barista Gamila Secret Lavender Heaven

It may be because of its 100% natural ingredients that it doesn’t get really foamy like other (hand) soaps, which I don’t really mind it as it still lathers nicely. You just get a creamy effect when you wet the soap bar.

Use the Camila Secret Lavender Heaven for everything, face, body, hands, feet, in the tub or shower. It also doubles as a great shaving cream. And if you love to take a soak, leave the soap bar in your bath water for a while so its oils can infuse your bath water.

Although I didn’t experience any dryness when using the bar, Gamila Secret mentions that some people may feel it when they use the bar, but that should go away after a short time as the natural moisturising capacity returns to your skin.

Like with any other soap keep it on a soap dish (Gamila Secret has one also) to extend its “life”. And the one million dollar question, the price tag? It doesn’t come cheap as it will set you back £22/€22,95, but it lasts quite a long time.



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