Here’s How To Find The Best Swimwear For Every Body Type


With endless swimwear options, swimwear shopping can be quite daunting. As every body is different we all want to emphasise and minimise different parts of our bodies. Good news is there’s something for every body type.

Want to know what you should be looking for? See the best swimwear for every body type below.


  • slim lower body (legs and hips)
  • full upper body with less defined waistline (weight carried mainly around the waist)

If you want to smooth out your middle, a body-shaping swimsuit (with some elegant draping) is a great option. Vertical or diagonal stripes also make you appear slimmer. Same thing applies to a large graphic print. Rather have a bikini? A high waisted bottom is great for covering the abdomen.


  • small waistline and shoulders
  • hips are wider than the shoulders
  • hips, thighs and butt are full and round

If you are a pear shape, it’s all about balancing proportions and getting the coverage you need for your bottom half. Keep it dark on the bottom and add an eye-catching top which draws the eye upward. A bandeau top is also a great option as they make your shoulders look wider. Make sure to size up on your bottom to avoid a muffin top.


  • shoulders wider than waistline and/or hips
  • athletic build
  • full bust

If you have ample cleavage, try those bra-style tops with underwire for extra support. And remember the thicker the strap the more support you have. Should you want to draw attention away from your upper body go for a top in a solid colour and if you love print go for a printed bottom.


  • hips, shoulders and waistline have about the same width
  • athletic build

If you want to create the appearance of curves try tops or bottoms with ruffles, prints and embellishments. For a fuller bust try a push-up or padded top. A monokini is also a great option as it can create optical curves. Same thing for one-pieces with strategically placed cutouts.


  • defined waistline
  • hips and shoulders are around the same size
  • full bust

If you are an hourglass the majority of swimwear styles will suit you. Should you wish to draw attention from your upper body, go for a top in a solid colour.

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