Filorga UV-Defence

Gone are the days of not applying sunscreen. We all know the importance of using sunscreen. With this beautiful weather you just need to slather it on. I couldn’t therefore be happier when the Filorga UV-Defence SPF 50+ recently landed on my desk. If you haven’t heard of Filorga before, Filorga is the brand that also develops products for aesthetic procedures.

Despite the high SPF, it’s a very light formula and it’s quickly absorbed by my skin. Worried about a white cast? This sunscreen doesn’t leave one and it isn’t sticky. Not only does it provide sun protection, it’s also packed with ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, for additional anti-ageing benefits. And it contains ingredients like hop to fight against pigmentation (dark spots) too.

What I really like about the Filorga UV-Defence is that it feels like a normal moisturiser but with all the above benefits. I’ve been using this sunscreen for a while and unlike with certain other sunscreens my skin doesn’t react to it (like starting to burn). That might be because the Filorga UV Defence is also ideal to protect sensitized skin after aesthetic procedures (injections, peels, laser treatments, etc.).

Even with a high SPF sunscreen like the Filorga UV-Defence you have to regularly reapply during the day even if the sun doesn’t shine. On a cloudy day you still need to protect your skin. Also, don’t skimp on it as if you don’t apply the right amount of sunscreen you don’t get the protection you need, see also the blog post on the Etat Pur sunscreen.

Filorga products are available at ICI Paris XL (NL and BE) and Marks & Spencer.


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