Filorga Skin Structure

Filorga Skin Structure .

Where did I leave my wand to magic away every line and wrinkle which will appear over time? Do drop me an email if you’ve found it (there’s a finder’s reward!). In the mean time I just have to rely on anti-ageing products. Although no cream or serum will make me turn 15 again (do I honestly want that? The skin yes, but all the other things not really) I do love to try anti-aging products in the search of the holy grail.

My beauty routine doesn’t just exist of slathering on anti-ageing creams but also of applying a serum. A while ago, at a press event, we got introduced to the Filorga Skin Structure, a new serum of the cosmetics brand Filorga. If you haven’t heard of Filorga before, Filorga is the brand that also develops products for aesthetic procedures.

In short, Filorga Skin Structure aims to tauten facial contours, while restoring the structure and density of youthful skin. It uses, among other, Voluform to create a collagen injection-like effect to fill out lines and increase volume where the face has hollowed out. Dynalift, an other ingredient of the serum, forms a stretch-effect tensing mesh to redefine and smooth whereas Collaxyl enhances skin elasticity and firmness.

The serum comes in a pretty glass bottle with silver top. If you are worried about the glass, I dropped it a couple of times without breaking.

But how does it feel? And does it really work? For about eight weeks now, I’ve used it daily, mornings and evenings before using my day/night cream. I find it easy to apply and non greasy. The serum is a white liquid, a few drops are more than sufficient. Personally, I think that a serum should feel nourishing and this one definitely does.

Do I look like I am 15 again? Of course not. No cream or serum will achieve this. But do I think my skin looks better than before? Yes, I do think so (although I don’t have a lot of wrinkles (yet)).

The Filorga Skin Structure is available at ICI Paris XL (NL and BE) and will be at Marks & Spencer.


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