Everything You Didn’t Know About Kate Moss In 15 Questions With Kate Moss

Love Vogue’s 73 Questions? Then you’ll love the Elle version with 15 Questions with Kate Moss. Kate Moss answers questions from ‘What’s the first thing you do in the morning?’ to ‘Can you tell the history behind one of these [clothing items]?’.

The latter question is exactly quite funny. It refers to a leather biker jacket Kate Moss gets out of her wardrobe. And the story behind it is that ‘I like this one, I threw it out of the window once. Why? By accident, I thought it was my boyfriend’s….’ Couldn’t be more rock ‘n roll…

Million dollar question is of course is whether this video was shot at Kate Moss’ home? You tell me.

Watch 15 Questions with Kate Moss above.

(credit cover photo: Instagram)


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