Slather on the sunscreen, like the Etat Pur sunscreen

Summer has finally arrived and if you don’t already use sunscreen it’s now time to do so. Like when you’re having friends over for an al fresco lunch. As anti-ageing is important to me (and of course protecting myself against skin cancer) I’m an avid fan of sunscreen products and therefore always try to apply sunscreen when I’m outdoors.

The al fresco lunch was thus a great opportunity to try my new Etat Pur Sun spray for face and body SPF 15 (gifted). Obviously my friends had to try it as well. As a bit of background, Etat Pur’s products are developed, tested and manufactured by the Naos group, who own Bioderma and Institut Esthederm.

Hate the smell of sunscreen? You will be pleasantly surprised of how the Etat Pur sunscreen smells. It’s actually the first thing I and my friends noticed. It doesn’t have this chemical whiff you sometimes smell, no it smells like summer (that’s how one friend describes it). Just for the smell alone it’s worth getting this sunscreen. After a while the fragrance just lingers on your skin. It was funny to see how we all kept smelling our arms.

One piece of advice though, as with other sprays, don’t spray it directly to your face. Spritz it into the palm of your hands and then apply it. On other parts of your body either spray it close to the respective body part or spray it into the palm of your hands again as if you spray it too far away your direct surroundings are also covered with sunscreen. This may seem obvious but let me tell you it wasn’t for us….

By the way, the Etat Pur sunscreen sinks quickly into the skin and for a sunscreen it’s not sticky. It also doesn’t leave that white cast you sometimes have with sunscreens. Etat Pur also offers sunscreens with SPF 30 and 50+ which are ideal for when the sun is shining at its brightest or when you just love to have a higher SPF.

As a general note, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen regularly as it loses its efficacy after some time and please make sure you apply enough. A bottle of sunscreen shouldn’t last you all summer. I read somewhere that it should last about a week (in other words you should finish it in a week).

What I love about the Etat Pur sunscreen, besides the smell of it, is that it doesn’t contain any chemical filters or preservatives, nor alcohol, silicones, mineral oil and according to their website any potentially photo-sensitizing ingredients (it does contain fragrance hence the lovely smell).

The Etat Pur products are available online, the Etat Pur Sun spray for face and body SPF 15 costs £14.50/€15.60.


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