Eating Healthy And Working Out But Still Not Losing Weight?

Say you’re working out and eating healthy, but you’re still not losing weight. What could cause it? A number of things it seems. Cassey Ho of Blogilates discusses in the above video ‘Eating healthy and working out but STILL not losing weight?’ the possible causes like:

(1) You’re not being true to yourself, i.e. you eat more than think (e.g. your portions are much bigger than you think, you don’t count those cookies at the office, you name it). And yes I would definitely fall into this category if I would be working out….(that’s one for my new year resolution list).

(2) Avoid Stress. We all know that stress isn’t good for the body, but it also makes you fat. Yup, fat. So what to do?

(a) Stop strict dieting. Instead of counting calories start eating a healthy balanced meal. Eat whole foods, as natural as you can. Eat when you’re hungry stop when you’re full! Slow done, enjoy your food.

(b) Get enough sleep. The body perceives sleep deprivation as a huge stress factor. Sleep deprivation can increase appetite, stress, weight gain and cortisol levels.

(c) Exercise. Exercising makes you happy and feel good. Find the one you cannot wait to do, there’s an exercise for everyone. If you’re doing one that doesn’t make you happy and feel good try another exercise

(d) Write in a journal. The point is to release your feelings and thus stress.  Did you know that writing your feelings in a journal has the same effect as talking to a close friend?

(e) Find a non-food rewarding activity. If it costs money budget it. It’s all about releasing tension without rewarding yourself with food.


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