Go Inside The Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale

When a 3 day Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale was announced I knew that was a definite date for the calendar and an opportunity to maybe nab some Jonathan Saunders designed pieces at substantial discounts. I still can’t believe he left the label – I think the work he did there was wonderful.

Anyway, work commitments took me out of town for the first 2 days so today I was the first at the door at 8am when it opened. There was no-one else there!! It’s a good space in Marylebone – I know it from attending the Grenson sample sale for the past couple of years. Unusually no coat/bag check.

I gave my £2 charity donation (although there was no pressure to do so) and then looked in awe at the amount of stock. Literally rail after rail all very helpfully sorted by size up to a UK18. The prices were exceptionally good too with coats at £150 for example.

From the pricelist there had obviously been leather and fur items too but I didn’t see any so I’m guessing they had sold through.

There was a wide selection of bags, from bags to clutches. Good accessories – iPhone cases and scarves etc.

Downstairs there was a good space for trying things on – no dedicated cubicles as they have in The Box – but certainly an element of privacy. Shoes were also downstairs and again an excellent selection of sizes.

I bought a dress coat and a full length skirt – when I paid I was also given a bracelet – gift with purchases over £100 – the sale that just keeps on giving!

I was there for about 30 minutes and in that time I think that maybe only 3 more people arrived – not sure why it was so quiet, but it’s open until 8pm tonight and all day tomorrow and I would definitely recommend it.

For price lists and a peek inside the Diane von Furstenberg sample see the below photos.

Andrea Povah

Diane von Furstenberg sample sale 11-13 April

On 11-12 (8am-8pm) and 13 April 2018 (8am-4pm) at Carousel Next Door, 35 Baker Street, London, W1U 8EN.

Entry: £2 for charity (Beauty Banks Charity).







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