14 Christmas Table Setting Ideas


Lots of food, good company, family, party, drinks, Christmas tree and decorations and of course gifts, that’s December. The month to celebrate each other’s company and toast on life and the New Year.

With a birthday party and Christmas dinner coming up, I’ve been browsing the net for some great Christmas table setting ideas. Hence this edit of Christmas table setting ideas.

From the more elaborate to the minimal, there’s something for everyone. I haven’t made up my mind yet, I love the idea of having gingerbread houses as it’s so Christmassy, but I also like the more minimal looks.

One thing is for sure, there need to be candles on the table and lots of it. And name cards, of course. A pretty name card is almost like a small gift showing that you care, but on the other hand determining where everybody is going to sit can be like balancing on a robe without a safety net….



(credit images: Pinterest)


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