A fling with Chanel Pirate 08

Chanel nail polish Pirate 08 review Style Barista

When you start to have a fling with Chanel, there’s no way back. Whether you like it or not, you’re hooked forever. There’s no way you can wriggle out of it. You’re just begging for more. And I’m talking out of experience. After adding Chanel‘s cult classic Rouge Noir 18 nail polish to my collection I’ve been coveting the other cult classics the Pirate 08, Black Satin 219, Particuliere 505 and Beige 565.

Chanel nail polish Pirate 08

So say hello to Chanel Pirate 08. It’s a stunning red colour with a raspberry tone showing through. The colour in the bottle is amazing.

The texture of the nail polish is on the finer side making it super easy to apply flawlessly. It has a beautiful shine to it which makes your nails pop. With two coats my nails look great (if you apply carefully you could get away with just one coat). Like with the Rouge Noir 18 the quality of the Chanel Pirate 08 is great and the nail polish last a long time without chipping (use a good base coat and top coat).

The colour is just gorgeous and every time when I look at it it makes me happy. It may just be me, but don’t you get that same feeling when you take off your socks or slip out off your shoes and see your naked feet with a bright nail polish on your toes? Or when you see your finger nails with a beautiful colour on it?

For £18/€23 the Chanel Pirate 08 can be yours too. Its worth every penny.


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