New love – Chanel Frisson 543

Chanel nail polish Frisson 543

Soft pink + tiny gold flecks = Chanel Frisson 543 Le Vernis. A gorgeous colour in the bottle and lovely on the fingers. Perfect for warmer weather.

It’s not your normal soft pink, this nail polish really stands out because of the beautiful iridescent micro shimmers. Don’t be put off by the word shimmers, your fingers won’t look like a glitter ball as the golden flecks are quite delicate and reflect beautifully. It’s a nail polish that works with everything and looks quite sophisticated.

Style Barista Chanel Frisson 543 nail polish

The Chanel Frisson 543 nail polish is a sheer nail polish which means that you have to apply several coats to get it more pigmented. A big bonus of a sheer polish is that you can also wear it on top of a different colour. And even with just one coat your nails look nice, see above.

Style Barista Chanel nail polish Frisson 543

For a less opaque look apply more coats. In the above photo, I applied three coats albeit on the thicker side as I wanted to cover the white of the tips of my finger nails. You could get away with two coats if you prefer a more sheer look.

Like the other Chanel nail polishes I own, the quality is great and if you apply a good base and top coat Chanel Frisson lasts a good time without chipping. If you love pink do have a look at this nail polish. Not only is it a great colour for the office it flatters all skin tones as well. And it doesn’t wash out your hands as some nude nail polishes can do.

Price? It’s Chanel so it comes at £18.82/€21.04/$27.


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