Grocery shopping at the Chanel AW14/15 show

Chanel fashion show AW14 Chanel supermarket Chanel Instagram photos

Grocery shopping has never been so fashionable. By showing off the Chanel AW14/15 ready to wear collection on a supermarket inspired runway, the Chanel AW14/15 show has become the most talked about fashion show (not that Chanel needed it). Karl Lagerfeld did it again.

Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner (yes, Kendall is having her fashion moment) to name a few, walked between aisles filled with Chanel groceries. After the show people could pick up their complementary groceries resulting in quite a frenzy.

Watch the Chanel AW14/15 and don’t miss the interview with Kaiser Karl in which he sheds his light on his designs (video below).

(credit images: Instagram)


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