Guilty shopping pleasures and the Celine All Soft bag

Celine All Soft bag python Style Barista

Céline! Céline! Céline! That is what the shopping devil was whispering into my ear or should I just say screaming…..Although I tried to slap it more than several times, like a true world boxing champion the shopping devil danced around and avoided all my punches leaving my fists flailing into the air. To make matters worse it went from screaming Céline to chanting “Céline on sale such a great deal, Céline on sale such a great deal, Céline on sale such a great deal”.

With all my willpower I tried not to pick the bag up and I almost padded my shoulders but when I saw in the corner of my eye a manicured hand slowly going towards the Céline All Soft bag I just could’t help myself. I grabbed the bag before she could and started stroking it. It’s after all Céline and a python one. And that was it. I was sold. Picking the bag up and admiring it from all angles just did it. Blown my budget for 2014 and beyond….but hello Celine All Soft bag.


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