Guilty shopping pleasures and Azzedine Alaïa

Imagine having dinner with Liza, your best shopping buddy. You haven’t seen each other for a while so logically you both check out what you are wearing and gush over each other’s new clothes (yes, that’s what you do…). Over dinner, you chat about life and the important things that are currently happening.

That may go on for about an hour max (which in itself is like an Olympic record), but inevitably both of you get to the real reason you got together: shopping! But not before both of you complain about the crappy weather which triggers the subject of summer sandals.

You both agree that in your climate you can generally wear summer sandals about two months a year (if you’re lucky you might stretch it to three) and therefore it would make much more sense to invest in some nice boots as the cost-per-wear would hit the floor. The dust on the boxes where you keep your countless summer sandals are living proof of that statement.

While eating you’re thinking “hmmm boots…” and suddenly your friend blurts out “I just bought a pair of Azzedine Alaïa sandals”. You start to blink with your eyes and shout out far too loud “Nooo did you get Alaïa sandals????”. All excited your friend gushes that she snapped them up for just €99 (approximately £85/$132) which is not cheap, but as they were originally, €979 (approximately £832/$1305) a steal of a lifetime! As you have the same size you are devastated as she said she snapped up the last ones. Mind you you haven’t even seen the shoes…

Of course now you both have to check the retailer’s website to see whether there may be a pair left half a size bigger or smaller, because you never know you might fit them. As internet connection is really slow you both start to agonize and can’t wait until the screen opens. And then you see them. Glorious gladiator sandals in burgundy.

Your friend who should actually be in sales instead of research gives you the sales pitch:

(i) the heel height is perfect for strolling around;

(ii) before she purchased these, she got some other sandals which had set her back £120 (what happened with investing in boots???) and these are way much cheaper; and

(iii) they are Alaïa!!!!

Before you know it you’ve put the sandals albeit half a size smaller in your shopping cart and you order them. You get the confirmation email and then you ask yourself. What did just happen??? Didn’t I just agree that I should invest in some boots? Not to mention the fact that I already have countless summer sandals (some of which I haven’t even worn…). Obviously the shopping devil just took over…….And now I’m just praying for sun…..


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