Watch: Anna Wintour Give Runway Walk Advice To Zoolander And Hansel At Valentino

The Valentino show must have been one of the biggest surprises during Fashion Month. And it wasn’t because of the gorgeous collection. No, it was because Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stormed the runway as their alter-egos of Zoolander 2, Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

Wearing Valentino form head-to-toe, the two of them used the Valentino show to announce their new movie Zoolander 2. But of course, they were in dire need of  some advice on their runway walk. Cue Anna Wintour.

Just before Zoolander and Hansel hit the Valentino runway, they consulted with Anna Wintour on their runway walk which results in this hilarious Vogue video. Wondering how they strutted down the runway? See the below Instagram video.


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