Anna Wintour Spends How Much On Clothes?

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Anna Wintour‘s clothing allowance at Vogue is how much? Who is Anna Wintour’s favourite Vogue cover model? Who was Vogue’s earliest known cover model? This and many more questions are being answered in these facts and figures released by The New York Times Style Magazine (T Magazine).

Imagine that you have an estimated $200K budget for clothing….sigh….I guess this doesn’t include the value of clothing and accessories Anna Wintour gets for free…

What I also found interesting is that Toto Koopman graced the Vogue cover in August 1933. One wouldn’t think that more than 80 years ago magazines, such as Vogue, would put a biracial and bisexual model on the cover.

Not only was Toto Koopman a Vogue cover girl she was also a spy in World War II, Coco Chanel’s in-house model, been a mistress to the press baron Lord Beaverbrook and Winston Churchill’s son, and she and her girlfriend, Erica Brausen, made Francis Bacon a “super star”. Today’s IT-girls can learn something from her…Sparked your interest? Read this article on Toto Koopman for more interesting facts.

(credit image: The New York Times Style Magazine)


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