Shopping provides me instant happiness! I’m not sure if it’s the same with you, but for me it does. True it’s usually short-lived and sometimes there’s regret but there’s the rush of happiness when you get something great for a steal or that one item that completes your collection. And let’s not forget the feeling you have when you wear it for that special occasion! This online magazine intends to get you inspired and helps to get you the right stuff when the time is right.

Let’s face it, everybody, even the most avid fashionista, loves a bargain. Who doesn’t want to save a few hundred Euro’s/pounds/dollars? We all try to plunder a department store when they have a sale or scour the sample sales in your region..

If you haven’t been to a sample sale before (single event where clothing/accessories is sold at heavily reduced prices like 80% off RRP), that’s where you can save £££/€€€/$$$ and snap up little gems that you never thought that you could afford. True you may have to strip down to your undies in front of a load of other sample sale hunters, but you could walk out with that fabulous item.

If sample sales aren’t your thing, or if there are none nearby, you still may be able to find that gem at half price or less at an outlet store.

Of course a wardrobe is not based on just bargains. Sometimes you just have to buy that bag, pair of shoes or whatever regardless of cost. Call it retail therapy (I’m a lover of retail therapy in all its glorious forms), just because you want or simply because you need it. And we all know there’s always room for more (although our partners may not always agree…).

But what to buy? Be inspired by street style photos, fashion shows, news, designer interviews and much more. As even the avid fashionista can’t live in her bag, StyleBarista.com provides more, from lifestyle, beauty to personal experiences.

Because I love fashion as much as I love shopping I have started this online magazine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Victoria xx