Here Are 8 Tips On How To Stage A Home

What do you do when you’re a celebrity and want to sell your home for the best price? You turn to Meridith Baer, celebrity home stager. Although she may charge you a whopping 200K, bringing Meridith Bear in gets you 20% more just because it was staged. Her secret for successful staging? The whole idea is to make someone feel like they are at home and bingo!

Even if you don’t want to sell your home, Meridith Baer’s tips on how to stage a home in the above video are perfect for a makeover without having to break the bank.

So what are Meridith Baer’s secrets? Check out these 8 tips below on how to stage a home:

1. Ditch the tiny sofa

To make your room feel bigger, bring in a pretty good size sofa regardless of whether you have a rather small space.

2. Add a mirror

Give more depth to a room by adding a mirror.

3. Keep a neutral palette, add colourful accessories

Bring colour to a room with accessories, but keep everything else in a neutral palette.

4. Hang curtains high

Low ceilings? Take your curtains all the way to the top and your ceilings will look taller.

5. Ditch renovations/paint everything white

Keep your walls white. Hold off on renovations and invest in a fresh coat of white paint.

6. Get yourself crisp white bedding

You want your bedroom to feel like a five star hotel. Buy some crisp white bedding.

7. Invest in fluffy white towels

Stock up on fluffy white towels. Roll them up, keep them fresh and load the shelves. If there’s any surface that doesn’t look great just add towels. It makes everything feel more luxurious.

8. Add a cook book in the kitchen

Get a cook book out and place in the kitchen. Turn to a recipe that looks really yummy and leave it open. It makes people to want to cook and hence feel at home.


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