Olivia Munn gives dating advice in 73 Questions with Olivia Munn

If you loved the 73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker interview from Vogue you will love this interview with Olivia Munn. In under 8 minutes Olivia handles 73 questions ranging from favourite food “Thai” to current trend she hopes not to exist in 100 years “selfies” and a lot more while giving us a short tour of her home. Anyone else who would like to sip a cocktail at that pool?

And if you didn’t love her yet, you will now when you learn that her best gift given was helping her sister get through law school who by the way graduated magna cum laude. Need some advice on how to pickup a guy? Listen to what Oliva says: “I would go to a guy in front of all of his friends and would say: “I’m late and it’s yours”.” How hilarious is that? It will get his attention for sure…

Oh don’t forget to watch the interview with Sarah Jessica Parker.



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