Watch 73 Questions With Daniel Radcliffe

What’s something Daniel Radcliffe knows about Harry Potter that no one else does? Watch 73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe (or just scroll down below).

After Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Munn and Blake Lively, it’s Daniel Radcliffe who stars in the latest Vogue 73 Questions series. In less than 7 minutes you learn a lot about him like the following:

1. If you could switch the lives of a person for one day, who would that be? Somebody not famous.

2. Favourite fashion trend of all time? Punk.

3. What would you bring on a one-way trip to Mars? My sense of humour and my iPod.

4. Superhero you identify the most? Spiderman.

5. What is something you know about Harry Potter that no one else knows? He didn’t really need glasses that was just a fashion statement.


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