6 Sleeping Tips For When It Is Hot

sleeping tips for when it is hotWith summer here and temperatures up, sleeping can get more and more difficult. Especially during those hot summer nights where you lie awake as it’s too hot to sleep. An air condition would be the way to go but what if you don’t have one? Then it’s time to read the below 6 sleeping tips for when it is hot.

1. Go cotton

Swap your bed linen for cotton or linen if you haven’t already done so. Cotton and linen absorb sweat unlike for example polyester bed linen. It also feels a lot more cooler than synthetic bed linen.

2. Draw your curtains

To block any sun, keep your curtains closed during the day. When temperatures start to drop in the evening open your windows to let any cool breeze in. If the outside temperature is more than inside, don’t open your windows during the day as before you know it your room is as hot as outside.

3. Move to a lower floor

As heat rises, your bedroom can get very hot if it’s on a higher floor. Ours is on the top floor and in summer it can get so hot that I can’t sleep. We’re lucky that we can move to a lower floor (we only move the mattress) and the few degrees difference let us sleep better. So if it’s really hot and you can’t stand it anymore sleep on a lower floor (if possible) or just put your mattress on the floor which can already make a bit of a difference as heat rises. And if it is really hot and nothing helps, camp outside in your garden or balcony.

4. Go mosquito free

To prevent any pesky mosquitos ruining your night, sleep under a mosquito net or have mosquito screens installed for your windows. The latter is generally a more expensive option, so go for a mosquito net if you want to save money.

5. Get a fan.

A fan can really help with falling asleep when it’s hot. Turn on the fan before you go to bed to have air circulate in the room. If you can, try to sleep with a fan too. The more luxurious fans have timers so you don’t need to leave the fan on during the night if that bothers you.

Move the fan around if you can’t get used to it. I, for example, don’t like it when it blows on my face but it doesn’t bother me when it blows on my body. And yes, it can take some time to get used to sleeping with a fan but once you do, you fall asleep like a baby. And if you really want to have some cold air, you can even place a bucket/pan with ice cubes in front of the fan for a breeze of cold air.

6. Sleep alone

Spooning or cuddling with your partner during hot summer nights equals sweaty, sticky and hot bodies. Sleeping alone is the solution but if that’s not an option draw an imaginary line claiming your half of the bed and no touching. Not even an arm or a leg (I did that on a very very hot night in Mexico and I have to say Mr. Style Barista still talks about it, so not sure whether that went down well. But hey I was able to sleep that night…).

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