4 Foods To Help You Sleep

sleep-tipsAre you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Suffering from insomnia? Wondering which food can help you sleep better? Check out these 4 foods to help you sleep.

1. Yogurt

Yes, plain old yogurt can help you sleep better. It stimulates the body’s production of serontin. Serotin stimulates a good night sleep and make you feel good and relaxed.

2. Whole Wheat Pasta

Not just yogurt but also whole wheat pasta can contribute to a good night’s sleep. How you may wonder? Many people feel restless and cranky before dinner in which case it’s best to eat food that makes you feel saturated like whole wheat pasta. The carbs it contain will help you fight that restless feeling and stimulate the body’s production of serontin.

3. Red Bell Pepper

Stress and a good night’s sleep don’t mix with each other, as difficulties falling asleep are often caused by stress. Cue (red) bell pepper. Rich in Vitamin C, bel pepper helps to reduce your cortisol levels. When stressed the body produces cortisol.

4. Sesame Seed

Not only vitamin C but also vitamins B and E contribute to a good night sleep. Sesame seed is loaded with these vitamins. So sprinkle plenty of these seeds on your salad.

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