10 Things To Do In Amsterdam In April

Summer vibes; the weather is sunny outside! Don’t stay in, go out and check out the 10 things to do in Amsterdam in April.

1. Easter

It is a great idea to spend Easter in Amsterdam. You can go to a classical concert, cuddle with chickabiddies in Artis Amsterdam Zoo, eat a Easter brunch or visit a children’s farm. At various local markets you can buy Easter delicacies.

When? 14-17 April 2017
Where? Various places downtown Amsterdam


(credit image: fijnopvakantie.nl)

2. King’s day

If there’s one day you need to spend in Amsterdam, it’s King’s Day (formerly Queen’s Day). It’s the only day a year Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands turns orange. People flock to Amsterdam to celebrate the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander. The canals, streets and parks are packed with people having the time of their life. With various festivities think of concerts, parties and more it’s party time. Looking for some bargains? This is the day of the year everybody can become a salesman. You are allowed to sell your own goods on the streets. So either take part of the gigantic flea market or just browse for some bargains. Oh don’t forget the King’s Night parties on the 26th of April.

When? 27 April 2017
Where? Downtown Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands


(credit image: dutchies.co.za)

3. Prints in Paris 1900

The Van Gogh Museum is opening its doors for a new exhibition ‘Prints in Paris 1900’. Head over to the Van Gogh Museum and walk around between art of the fin de siècle (1890-1905). At that time Paris was decorated with colorful art posters. Who doesn’t know prints like Le Chat Noir and Le Moulin Rouge? This exhibition combines street art with posters that where hanging on the walls of the elite.

When? 3 March – 11 June 2017
Where? Van Gogh Museum


4. Tulip Festival

Amsterdam is traditionally connected to the legendary tulip. The Tulip Festival brings back the tulip in the city streets with the aim to eventually plant one tulip for each individual citizen of Amsterdam. You will find tulips in gardens, parks, squares and museums. It is such a pretty sight!

When? 1 April – 14 May 2017
Where? Various locations


(credit image: static.reisgraag.nl)

5. Bredewegfestival

This year, the Bredewegfestival celebrates its 40th anniversary which means it will be even more special this year. La Bohème, the opera on the street is performed by professionals together with young talent. Get carried away with the most beloved opera or enjoy the other festivities.

When? 26-27 April 2017
Where? Bredeweg


6. Spring Snowfestival

The Elm tree symbols Amsterdam. Over 75,000 Elms turn our canals green and these trees make “snow” in spring. Well, the “snow” flakes are the falling seeds from the trees. Walk the Elm route of 8.5 kilometers, catch the seeds or join one of the activities.

When? 21 April – 21 May 2017
Where? East part of Amsterdam – starting point of the route: Iepenarboretum


7. Imagine Film Festival

Not afraid of some horror? Stop by the Imagine Film Festival. This yearly festival takes you to the world of fantasy, science fiction, horror and martial arts. This years theme is fantastic fashion. Learn all about the role of a costume or join a master class Slashing Zombies.

When? 12-22 April 2017
Where? EYE Film Museum, Timorplein 44, 1094 CC Amsterdam


8. SOTU Festival

The Sounds Of The Underground festival is famous for its passion for sound. The main event is on Friday and Saturday at Occii, Vondelbunker and Butcher’s Tears, all at the same time. Movies are being displayed. Traditionally, Sunday for closers, there are grilled cheese sandwiches and folky music.

When? 12-16 April 2017
Where? Various locations Amsterdam


9. Amoi

Amoi means little sister in Indonesian. The big sister is already known as Indonesian restaurant Sarang Mas. At Amoi you can find classical Indonesian dishes and less familiar plates. Great for having dinner, but also just for beers and cocktails or a sweet dessert. Try (my favorite) Pisang Goreng. Selamat makan!

When? Open daily
Where? Kinkerstraat 53, Amsterdam


10. Samples Sales Amsterdam

Keep your eye out for the the Amsterdam sample sales guide for the upcoming sample sales in April which will be published soon.


By Linda Joosen

(credit images: all photos have been sourced from the official event page websites listed above or separately aforementioned. Credit cover image: Instagram Stylescrapbook)


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